Archive for accidentally photographed flora and fauna

A reclassification of the archive of the Dutch National Museum for Photography | WORK IN PROGRESS. Browsing photographic archives can be frustrating. When looking for non-obvious subjects, for example a photograph of a German Shorthaired Pointer, one needs to come up with very generic keywords (such as ‘dogs’) or creative terms (like ‘hunting’) to get a result. Consequently, the results can be so numerous that it takes ages to manualy search the results. This reclassification provides in this inconvenience; From now on, all species will be defined as keywords and ordenend in handy categories to enable us to easily retrieve the right photographs from the archive. 

Katharina Behrend-Dahlia
MennoHuizinga-Halve paarden
Bob van Dam-Forsythia

Foto: Katharina Behrend (collectie Nederlands Fotomuseum)

Foto: Menno Huizinga (collectie Nederlands Fotomuseum)

Foto: Esther Kroon (collectie Nederlands Fotomuseum)

Foto: Bob van Dam (collectie Nederlands Fotomuseum)