Book of Plants

With this herbagraphic work, Geene continues to build on an oeuvre that expresses the unwitnessed beauty of the everyday. In Anne Geene's work, the photo itself is not the most important work of art – taken out of context it is often no more than a registration of an inconspicuous fact – but her collection of images as a whole, the image in relation to other images through combining, arranging and categorizing.


The Book of Plants takes you on a journey through the microcosm of leaf, bud and flower, branch, stem and the macrocosm of stem, grass, herb, shrub, shrub and tree. A world with an immense variation in color, shape and size. Starring a superior life form, an 'organic machine' that accompanies us in silence.

Option 1
23.0 × 
16.0 cm
Available copies: 50