There are approximately 1600000000000000 blades of grass on Earth, but grass is an underrated plant. Everyone just walks and sits on it. For a number of years, Anne Geene has been collecting grass from well-known lawns of grass or grass growing on famous places. From football stadiums to cemeteries, from the Roman Forum to the Acropolis. The individual blades of grass are shown in small sketchbooks. For Gallery Block C and ARTisBOOK, this project was expanded to include grass from Groningen. After that she went for Amsterdam's grass and she picked blades of grass from every street of the capital (inside the canals) and then used it to make a cyanotype. This resulted in 665 cyanotypes.

She also picked grass from famous people (Ben Feringa, Bert Visscher, Arjen Robben, etc.) and poured individual fertilizer granules for grass into epoxy. An ode to perhaps the most underrated plant in the world.