In Search of Sharawadgi

02 05 21
03 10 21

The exhibition presented the ideas and dreams of Piet and LOLA. It took visitors on a journey of discovery, showing them how public gardens and landscapes across the world have been transformed. From the High Line in New York, the gardens of Hauser & Wirth in Somerset, the Star Maze in Tytsjerk to the Leisure Lane in Parkstad. Visitors were able to familiarise themselves with Piet Oudolf’s and LOLA's ultimate vision for the future: a global forest against the warming of the earth. It is a dream that can start in anyone’s garden, however big or small.

Artists: Joseph Beuys, Anne Geene, Geert Mul, Sanne Vaassen, Giuseppe Licari and Darcy Neven. With new and existing works, they presented an extraordinary perspective on both the discipline of garden design, and major issues, such as global warming and the impact of nature on our well-being.